December 28, 2010

SmoothFox's Baby Bubbles Knit Hat - Free Pattern

Created by Donna Mason-Svara aka SmoothFox ©2010 Version 2.0

Lion Brand Yarn “Vanna’s Choice” 4 ply Medium Worsted, 1 skein of each color, 7oz, 355 yds
Color A: Silver Blue
Color B: Pearl Mist

Needle Size: US 8 – 5 mm 16” circular needle
1 set of double-pointed needles, size US 8 – 5mm

Skill level: Intermediate
Gauge: 4 stitches and 5 Rounds to an inch
Size: 3 to 6 months
Yarn Needle

For color stranding longer than 3 sts, please familiarize yourself with this video to avoid holes in your project. This is not my video. Here is a YouTube video with the instructions:

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The chart is only available if you download this pattern through the above link.

Cast on 64 sts using color A, place marker to mark beginning of Round, join stitches.
Round 1 thru 6:  K2, P2 ribbing for 6 Rounds.
Round 7 thru 8: (color B) Knit

Insert markers every 8 stitches on round 10
Round 9 thru 10: (color A) Knit
Round 11:  *(color A) K3, (color B) K2, (color A) K3* repeat from * around
Round 12 thru 14:  *(color A) K2, (color B) K4, (color A) K2* repeat from * around
Round 15:   *(color A) K3, (color B) K2, (color A) K3* repeat from * around
Round 16: (color A) Knit
Round 17:  *(color B) K1, (color A) K6, (color B) K1* repeat from *around
Round 18 thru 20:  *(color B) K2, (color A) K4, (color B) K2* repeat around
Round 21:   *(color B) K1, (color A) K6, (color B) K1* repeat from *around
Round 22 thru 23: (color A) Knit
Round 24 thru 25: (color B) Knit

DECREASE ROUNDS – move to dpn’s when knitting becomes tight
Round 1:  (K6, K2tog) repeat around (56 sts remaining)
Round 2:  Knit this and all even numbered rounds
Round 3:  (K5, K2tog) repeat around (48 sts remaining)
Round 5:  (K4, K2tog) repeat around (40 sts remaining)
Round 7:  (K3, K2tog) repeat around (32 sts remaining)
Round 9:  (K2, K2tog) repeat around (24 sts remaining)
Round 11: (K1, K2tog) repeat around (16 sts remaining)
Round 13: K2tog, repeat around (8 sts remaining)
Cut yarn leaving a 8" tail. Using large eyed yarn needle run thread through remaining stitches and fasten off. Weave in ends and finish off.

Created by Donna Mason-Svara aka 2010

This pattern has not been tested. Please notify me of any pattern corrections. I will answer any and all questions you may have with the instructions. Do not plagiarize this pattern. All patterns are my original designs. Please do not re-sell my patterns or give them away for free or post my patterns on the Internet. You may sell items you make from my patterns at craft fairs, fund raisers or custom orders for friends and family but please do not sell finished items on the internet without my written permission. Do not claim designs as your own.

This pattern is copyrighted by me and I give my permission for you to post pictures of items made from my pattern on your website if you will post a link back to my Ravelry store if the pattern is for sale. If the pattern is free, please direct people to my Blog. Be sure to list the name SmoothFox as the designer.


janet said...

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I cannot get this joined on 16" circular needles.
Any suggestions?

Unknown said...

Hi Janet,

It could be that the yarn I used was stretchier or that I CO looser. If you add one more repeat of the chart, that would add more stitches to the beginning CO. That is what I'd do. I'm not an expert knitter and possibly someone else who see's comment will add information.

Cindy said...

Bill did a nice documentary. I was the 211th viewer. I'm a Western film and John Wayne fan. Please tell him his scene from The Shootist was actually one from MacLintock.

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