August 25, 2011

Clue 6 - YouTube video

I apologize ahead of time for the final video within Clue 6.  It took 8 or 9 video's cut together to create the one video in the pattern.  I was crocheting the final rounds  and was pausing the video camera and unknown to me, my husband or maybe my SmoothFox terrier somehow moved the tri-pod that was holding the camera just slightly between different pauses in the video.  Once I had finished crocheting and the final video was complete, I pasted them all together.  Created one long video and sat down to watch it.  I had no idea that in some of the video's that I was off frame to the right.  I am not going to go back and remake the video.  The instructions are in the pattern and if you listen to the video, I'm explaining what I did while I am slightly off screen.

Please do not send me emails asking me to remake the video nor send me mean emails telling me the video is horrible.  I am apologizing ahead of time and also apologized in the video before you begin watching it.



Anonymous said...

Mar55 says I LOVE IT. Am doing the border now. Thank you so much for this pattern.

Discobiscuit said...

Thank You so much for this mystery blankie it was great fun and all finished!!

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