August 9, 2011

Mystery Baby Blankie - pattern updates corrected

I'm so very sorry for all of the headache's lately regarding the mystery CAL.  I tried a new program that would let people print the pattern directly from the blog.  What I didn't know is that if someone reported an error, the program that I was using to print was not updating when I changed the pattern.

I just decided to go ahead and put the clue's as a download on Ravelry for right now, which is the old way of doing it.  Hopefully you still want to continue.  I'm very distraught over the entire fiasco.  Crocheting is supposed to be calming.  I'm highly stressed about this but believe I have it working now.

I deleted all older postings of the pattern and hope you will continue to participate.



Chris said...

Of course I'll continue! Thanks for the corrections. I'm looking forward to the rest of the clues!

SmoothFox said...

Thank you Chris. I appreciate your confidence that we will get this all worked out.


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