April 15, 2013

Sara Koenig goes for a record

I have some awesome news.  Read the email I received below the pictures from Sara Koenig.  Please follow the link below to "LIKE" her posting on Facebook.  She has had over 100,000 views and it would be nice to have her get even more!  I hope she gets into the Guinness Book of records.   Here is a link to my pattern she used SmoothFox Stained Glass Round Ripple


March 28th was Alaska Choose Respect Day. Colors represent :Teal for domestic violence, Purple for sexual assault, and Royal Blue for child abuse awareness.  

The gold pan is 200 inches wide/16.6 ft tall.  The blanket finished at 220 inches round :)

Thought you would enjoy the before and after of America's Largest Gold Pan from Nome, AK using your pattern to yarn bomb it!

Sara Koenig