December 30, 2009

Nadine's Afghan

Thanks for sharing this picture of your afghan Nadine. I can definately see some patterns of squares that I created. Great job!

I'd love to hear from those of you who are making scarves or afghans from patterns I've created. Feel free to email me and send in those pictures.

I'm taking a vacation for a short period from crocheting to try to learn how to knit. I know that I'll get frustrated very shortly with my knitting skill level and will go back to crocheting. Knitting is so slow for me LOL that I know I'll get back to crocheting rather quickly.

Happy Crocheting my friends!


December 27, 2009

Linie and Ironstone Christmas Hats

I am very new to knitting and last year I sat with Lyndsay my niece in Texas and learned how to knit a hat. I went to my first "yarn" store, "The Woolie Ewe" in Plano Texas and had freaked out about all the wonderful yarn that I had access to.

The hat above was made with Linie 195 Candida which I was told is a German yarn . I wasn't happy with it because by looking at the outside of the small 50g ball, you couldn't see the black stripe that was in the middle of the hat. All I saw was the purplish color. I had no idea there would be orange and black in it. That taught me to look further inside the balls of yarn if I ever go back to another yarn store.

On that same trip to the yarn store, I purchased some Ironstone colorway 180 and the yarn was made in Italy. The pattern didn't state what size yarn needles to use so I used the only needles I had which were circular 16" Nbr 10 6mm. Here is the pattern link

I have to laugh when I look at the picture above because I have this tiny 4 ft tree and laid the hat at the top of it and took this picture. I made this hat thinking that I needed to fit a large head and just figured it was my imagination that it was as big as it turned out. When I put it on it fits loosely, not tight and I love it. My husband thinks that it should be tighter so the next time I attempt the pattern I hope I have a smaller set of circular needles.

I have about 5 more 50g 100 yard balls of this colorway so I'll figure some more items I'm going to make. Maybe another hat.

So whats on your needles or hooks right now?