December 27, 2009

Linie and Ironstone Christmas Hats

I am very new to knitting and last year I sat with Lyndsay my niece in Texas and learned how to knit a hat. I went to my first "yarn" store, "The Woolie Ewe" in Plano Texas and had freaked out about all the wonderful yarn that I had access to.

The hat above was made with Linie 195 Candida which I was told is a German yarn . I wasn't happy with it because by looking at the outside of the small 50g ball, you couldn't see the black stripe that was in the middle of the hat. All I saw was the purplish color. I had no idea there would be orange and black in it. That taught me to look further inside the balls of yarn if I ever go back to another yarn store.

On that same trip to the yarn store, I purchased some Ironstone colorway 180 and the yarn was made in Italy. The pattern didn't state what size yarn needles to use so I used the only needles I had which were circular 16" Nbr 10 6mm. Here is the pattern link

I have to laugh when I look at the picture above because I have this tiny 4 ft tree and laid the hat at the top of it and took this picture. I made this hat thinking that I needed to fit a large head and just figured it was my imagination that it was as big as it turned out. When I put it on it fits loosely, not tight and I love it. My husband thinks that it should be tighter so the next time I attempt the pattern I hope I have a smaller set of circular needles.

I have about 5 more 50g 100 yard balls of this colorway so I'll figure some more items I'm going to make. Maybe another hat.

So whats on your needles or hooks right now?

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earth_mother30 said...

lol. how much time do you have for my answer?? several afghans on hooks, a scarf on needles, a dishcloth on needles (only recently learned to knit so not addicted yet). also learning to tat some so practice piece on the shuttle. (starts looking in the phone book for a "fiber addict anonymous group")

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