November 17, 2012

Kelley H's crochet hook has the following

KELLEY H says:

Currently I am working on a few things. Trying to get my Christmas presents done. One of the gifts I am working on is a pair of fingerless gloves. Not the BEST picture but you can at least see the stitching on it. I got the pattern from another blogger. Pattern is found here  I did 1 thing different from the pattern. When I sowed them up I used a different color to give it a little bit of a border. I used my favorite yarn to work with right now. It is Hobby Lobby's brand called I Love This Yarn. 

The second one is a scarf for my mother that has a v-stitch. I believe I got the idea from a Lion Brand free pattern. I have a picture of it attached also. 

I could attach about 10 other photos of the stuff I have recently finished for Christmas but I will refrain today. 

Hope you are having a wonderful day and sorry to see that someone is giving away your patterns! :(

Kelley H.

What's on your hooks and needles?

Please make some comments and send me some pictures thru an email with what you're working on.  Include the links to where people can obtain the pattern and I'll post them on the blog.  In addition, please email me what you want me to make video's about.  I've been asked to make a couple of video's for knitting but I'd love to hear what everyone wants a video on.  It can be knitting or crocheting.

Happy Crocheting!

Designer's Showcase Afghan 2013

Melinda Miller of MoCrochet and Melinda Miller Designs (a Ravelry group) has given me instructions on how my followers can print out patterns from the blog instead of heading to Ravelry to download the pattern.  Please give it a shot. At the bottom of each post is a Joliprint icon.  Thank you so much Melinda.

Additionally, I'm pleased to say that Melinda has asked me to participate in the Designer’s Showcase Afghan 2013. Each month will showcase a new designer and their 12” X 12” afghan block.  So stay tuned and I hope many of you participate.  At the end of the year you will have a great afghan to stitch together.  Each month there will be one square added.

I also have been contacted by AllFreeCrochetPatterns and it's other affiliates over the past 2 years and asked to let them post some of my patterns.  Again this year, they are going to be featuring multiple patterns in various e-books.  This brings me great joy. 

Happy Crocheting!


Smoothfox's Pure Evil Knit Hat

SmoothFox’s Pure Evil Knit Hat

Hat modeled by Attorney Keith R. Morgan
Created by Donna Mason-Svara aka SmoothFox  ©2012 Version 11/17/2012

Cascade 220 Superwash
Color A:  Shire colorway 1918
Color B:  Feather Gray colorway 875

Needle Size:
US 7 – 4.5 mm 16”
US 7 – 4.5 mm 1 set of double-pointed needles,
US 6 – 4 mm 16”
Skill level:  Intermediate
Gauge: 5 stitches and 5 Rounds to an inch of stockinette stitch
Hat sizes: Adult
Notions:  2 Stitch Markers of one color, 1 stitch maker of another color, Yarn Needle

CO:  Cast on
K2tog: Knit two stitches together
K: Knit

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With smaller needles US 6 – 4 mm and color A and using the long-tail method, CO on 88 sts, place marker of a different color and join in the round, being careful not to twist.

Round 1 thru 8: Work 8 rounds of K1, P1 ribbing

Switch to larger needles US 7 – 4.5 mm

Round 9: (color A) K27, insert marker, K33, insert marker, K28

Round 10: Begin chart – the stitch marked area is two stitches to the right and left of the chart.  IGNORE BLANK LINES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CHART


If you are unfamiliar with the wrap and turn method and picking up the wraps when knitting in the round, please watch this video from PlanetPurl.  There are many versions showing this technique but at least this video shows the technique using a hat although they don’t show a stitch marker showing the beginning of the round. 

This project can also be knit flat if you do not want to do the method above.

Round 30: (color A) knit
Measure hat to see if it is the approximate length you’d like. Smaller size hats are approx 6” before decreasing, larger hats can be from 7” to 8” depending on your preferences. Hat pictured is 7” before beginning decrease rounds. Follow decrease rounds if your hat is the proper length.  Repeat round 30 as many times as needed before your decrease rounds begin.

DECREASE ROUNDS - Use color A for all decrease rounds and change to dpn’s when sts get tight to knit.
Round 1:  *(K6, K2tog) repeat from * 
Round 2 and all even Rounds:  Knit
Round 3:  *(K5, K2tog) repeat from *
Round 5:  *(K4, K2tog) repeat from *  
Round 7:  *(K3, K2tog) repeat from *
Round 9:  *(K2, K2tog) repeat from *
Round 11:  *(K1, K2tog) repeat from *
Round 13:  *(K2tog) repeat from *
Small hats stop here.  Larger hats, continue with Round 14 and 15
Round 15:  *(K2tog) repeat from *

Cut yarn leaving a 8" tail. Using large eyed sewing needle run thread through remaining stitches and fasten off. Weave in ends and finish off.

Created by
Donna Mason-Svara aka 2012

This pattern has been tested.  Please notify me of any pattern corrections. I will answer any and all questions you may have with the instructions.  Do not plagiarize this pattern.  All patterns are my original designs. Please do not re-sell my patterns or give them away for free or post my patterns on the Internet. You may sell items you make from my patterns at craft fairs, fund raisers or custom orders for friends and family but please do not sell finished items on the internet without my written permission. Do not claim designs as your own.

This pattern is copyrighted by me and I give my permission for you to post pictures of items made from my pattern on your website if you will post a link back to my Ravelry store if the pattern is for sale.  If the pattern is free, please direct people to my Blog.  Be sure to list the name SmoothFox as the designer.