November 17, 2012

What's on your hooks and needles?

Please make some comments and send me some pictures thru an email with what you're working on.  Include the links to where people can obtain the pattern and I'll post them on the blog.  In addition, please email me what you want me to make video's about.  I've been asked to make a couple of video's for knitting but I'd love to hear what everyone wants a video on.  It can be knitting or crocheting.

Happy Crocheting!


Diana Troldahl said...

No current photos, but I am working on a hat KAL from Wooley Wormhead, a pair of Prairie Boots for DH for Yule and the first of 3 small crocheted afghans (for grand niece and nephews) The first is Owl Obsession, another will be made of Tunision simple stitch squares, and the one for the new baby will be your Baby Love blanket :-}

Anonymous said...

Right now, my needles and hooks are empty. Wait! No, I have an entrelac knitting sample on one set of needles(something I'd be wanting to try since it I first seen it and finally got around to trying it...yeah, I need more practice with it). I was taking a break from 'Sandy' items while I deal with an atrocious(sp)(it's really bad! going on 3 weeks now...the meds make me sick to my stomach) head and chest cold that is putting me waaaaaaay behind on school work (school is like delivering a forget how painful it is until you're in the middle of it and realize what must happen before you can relax...after 30+ years...WHAT WAS I THINKING???)
It's a toss up as to what is next...either this pair of socks, for me
or this adorable dress, (might had a bit more swing to it)for two grandaughters who LOVE to twirl!

Anonymous said...

I meant to include a suggestion for a video. I don't/haven't yet used that netted ribbon-type yarn(?). But, I was at Walmart last night. While down the yarn aisle for a replacement circular(when my daughter decides to return my set, I reckon I'll have two of that size :-) ), there was a lady with a skein of it in her hand. She turned to me as I was reaching for my item and asked if I crocheted. "I sure do!" Have you ever made a *wah wah* scarf? (okay, not it's name but after asking her several times still couldn't understand) Luckily she had the image on the band to help...some type of ruffly scarf. The pattern, however, is for a knitted version...she doesn't knit. Possibly, for those interested(from what I gather, that type scarf is all the rage (I am not so into fru fru though), a version of how to make one in knit as well as crochet?

Beads and Books (Tammi Mossman) said...

I'm making a sweater for a little niece for Christmas, and a huge granny square afghan for two brothers-in-law.

Amy said...

Right now I've just finished 3 different purses, a stuffed baby owl toy, a Christmas stocking, a pair of wrist warmers all for Christmas gifts, and I'm also working on another stocking as well as a dress for my daughter. I have some of my pictures up on my blog, and will update with the rest this evening. First time I've crocheted so much in a very long time, and I'm loving it.

Quesandra said...

I'm currently making christmas for each family member plus two over the door stockings as well. I pass this homeless guy every morning to work and since the time is getting colder and colder i've decided to make him a scarf and hat.

Tiara said...

Only crochet project I'm working on right now is a turtle colorwork chart in single crochet that I'm going to sew onto fabric to make a pillow for my friend. I found the chart on Ravelry and it's supposed to be for knitting.
I'm also knitting a couple sock monkeys for my aunt's grandchildren and a tube scarf for my sister. The sock monkey pattern is available on Red Heart's website and the scarf is just a bunch of knit stitches worked in the round.

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