November 17, 2012

Kelley H's crochet hook has the following

KELLEY H says:

Currently I am working on a few things. Trying to get my Christmas presents done. One of the gifts I am working on is a pair of fingerless gloves. Not the BEST picture but you can at least see the stitching on it. I got the pattern from another blogger. Pattern is found here  I did 1 thing different from the pattern. When I sowed them up I used a different color to give it a little bit of a border. I used my favorite yarn to work with right now. It is Hobby Lobby's brand called I Love This Yarn. 

The second one is a scarf for my mother that has a v-stitch. I believe I got the idea from a Lion Brand free pattern. I have a picture of it attached also. 

I could attach about 10 other photos of the stuff I have recently finished for Christmas but I will refrain today. 

Hope you are having a wonderful day and sorry to see that someone is giving away your patterns! :(

Kelley H.

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