August 6, 2011

SmoothFox Mystery Crochet-A-Long Baby Blankie

Are you up to the challenge of creating a

That's right.  We will be crocheting a one-piece, flat (no squares to piece together) MYSTERY Baby Blankie as a Crochet-A-Long also known as a CAL.  Everyone can go at their own pace, use their own yarn color choices.  However, once all of the clues are out, it will only be available for a short period as a free pattern.  So get'em while they are available.

I will post clues to the pattern every few days or I'll wait for about 10 people to post comments or email me that they are ready for the next clues and I'll  be crocheting the blankie along with you.  

I'm making my blankie for a baby boy so I am using beautiful lime green, turquoise, and white.  I will list the yarn I am using but feel free to select your own colors. I have made the blanket over half way through one time and then decided I wanted different colors so I'm starting over.  I'm quite sure that colors A and B will have plenty in the skeins to complete the blanket.  Just to be on the safe side though, color C should be 2 skeins.  

If anyone finds an error in any clues, please email me (see below) and I will come back to the blog and make the corrections in a different color of ink. 

The first clue will be in the next blog post.  I'll include a short YouTube video for newer crocheter's who might not know how to change yarn colors while crocheting.

If you decide to join in the Crochet-A-Long for the Mystery Baby Blankie please follow this link and click on the crochet hook to show your interest in this project.  You must be signed into Ravelry to add this as a project.


Happy Crocheting!


Wendy said...

OK, I think I might be in on this one! A new baby will be in our family (I'm not pregnant!) early next year so I need to make a blanket - I want it to be white though as I don't know the sex. Would that be suitable?

Jen in GA said...

Sign me up! I love a good mystery.
Your items are beautiful.

Cathy said...

Woot! Sounds fun!

Hev said...

Yay! Sounds like fun.

froggy (D'Ann Gayler) said...

Sounds like fun. Sign me up.

Chris said...

I would love to join in, though I crochet slowly these days. Your blankets are lovely. I look forward to seeing what this one becomes.

Niviob said...

I'm In! I'm off to buy some yarn and I will start this afternoon. My first CAL. Fun.

Darbie said...

Sounds like fun.. Think I may have to try it..

jencollect said...

I would like to try it

Anonymous said...

Almost finished with #2, Do I see an "E"? This is fun. Posted picture on my project page.
Mar 55

Anonymous said...

I am almost finished with #2 also. Looking forward to #3!!

Airknitter said...

The video of popcorn stitches is terrific.
Thanks and waiting for clue #3

Anonymous said...

I am done with #3!! Need #4. I know what it says!! But I won't say. Can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm ready for #4, can't wait. Can see the background & word. Mar 55

Anonymous said...

clue 3 is done, waiting for clue 4 :-)


Anonymous said...

ughhh ready for clue 5, clue 4 is done few days ago :-)


Judi said...

I'm LOVING the Mystery Blankie! Not crocheting very quiclky right now, real world keeps stealing my free time. GGGGRRRRRRRRRR.

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