August 2, 2011

YouTube video's - Learn to knit a hat on circular needles

SmoothFoxHelperCindy is learning to knit so I decided to make her a few video's.  After making the video's for her, I thought a couple of people out there might want to watch them also so I've made them available to the public.  I'm not an expert knitter and don't claim to be.  Anyone new to knitting who wants to follow along, we will be knitting a simple stripped knitted hat.  I've just been updated today - finally - with YouTube so I can now make longer video's.  We're not talking full length movies mind ya LOL, however I should be able to get a full project into one video.

When I was first learning to knit I searched for video's to learn to knit a hat.  However I wanted it put together all in one project so I could see how a full hat was made.  All I found were video's that never showed the entire project so I was highly frustrated.  There are 4 video's below and I'll be adding more to this blog posting to complete the entire hat within the next few days.

I'm hoping that Cindy doesn't get to frustrated in me because I'm not an expert but I just figured she could watch more experienced knitters if she got stumped on a certain part or I could do another video.  My problem in these video's is that Cindy is working the hat flat (not on a circular knitting needle) and I'm trying to show her how to use circular knitting needles for a hat.

I have no doubt that those experienced knitters out there who are familiar with working a hat "flat" will find fault with the video's and if you will email me (not all at once) with my mistakes, as I still have more video's to make for Cindy, I'll address what I told her in prior video's that was incorrect from your emails.


Part one 

Part two

Part 3

Part 4

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