November 17, 2012

Designer's Showcase Afghan 2013

Melinda Miller of MoCrochet and Melinda Miller Designs (a Ravelry group) has given me instructions on how my followers can print out patterns from the blog instead of heading to Ravelry to download the pattern.  Please give it a shot. At the bottom of each post is a Joliprint icon.  Thank you so much Melinda.

Additionally, I'm pleased to say that Melinda has asked me to participate in the Designer’s Showcase Afghan 2013. Each month will showcase a new designer and their 12” X 12” afghan block.  So stay tuned and I hope many of you participate.  At the end of the year you will have a great afghan to stitch together.  Each month there will be one square added.

I also have been contacted by AllFreeCrochetPatterns and it's other affiliates over the past 2 years and asked to let them post some of my patterns.  Again this year, they are going to be featuring multiple patterns in various e-books.  This brings me great joy. 

Happy Crocheting!


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