October 5, 2009

Testers Found - Fox's Christmas Tree Skirt

UPDATE: TESTERS ARE - Barbara, Shirley, Diana D., Molly, Mary Beth, Tara, Vanessa, Joan, Denise

Can you believe that Christmas is fast approaching? It sneaks up on me every single year. This year I decided I wanted to make a Christmas Tree Skirt for my sister Kathy in Texas. Figured I might as well write up the pattern. It's going to be a free one on the blog and I want to make sure there are no errors. I'll send out the pattern tomorrow night after to work to the first 5 or 6 people who want to test the pattern.

If you want to be a tester, read the instructions below and let's get started! You can make the skirt as large as you want. Everyone has their own preference for size of Christmas trees.

1. Must be a follower of this blog and a subscriber. Not a follower yet? Sign up. Let me know your follower name.

2. Must be able to finish testing by Sunday October 18th.

3. Must be able to send me a picture of your finished skirt attached to an email.

4. Must be able to send me errors of any kind you find in the pattern.

So if you want to test, send me an email to the address below with your Follower name.

Donna SmoothFoxLover@yahoo.com

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Jim said...

very pretty. alot nicer than the ones u can buy in the store.

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