April 29, 2012

Tester's Pictures of Dream Baby Blankie

Here are the instructions to post a project on Ravelry

1. Click on the link below

3. It takes you to the pattern page – you need to log-in to Ravelry to see the “Hook it” icon in step 4

4. Click on the "Hook it" icon in the top right area

5. It will let you fill in the blanks, name your own name for the piece you worked. You can name it whatever you want. Example: Lori's blah blah blah. It will let you rate the pattern also. So you enter all the information about your "project" like, did you like it, did you have to add a round of sc's to make it the right size, what yarn you used etc and then you save that. General notes for other people who will see it.

6. Then there is a tab so you can add your pictures of your square or blanket or multiple squares with the same pattern.

7. If you had already created your project on Ravelry before I posted the pattern, you will need to go to the link above – highlight and copy the BOLD name of the pattern that I named it. Then go to your project page and put in this name as the pattern name link.














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