January 12, 2010

Pictures of Celtic Granny testers squares

Pamela's squares

Charlotte's squares

Jewel's squares

Renee's square

Renee's square

Sandra's square

Sandra's square

Sandra's square where she got the idea of the celtic cross

Sheri's squares

Thanks everyone for sending in pictures of your squares. I'm sure there are still a couple of people who haven't sent in the pictures yet but I'll put them up when I receve them.

The pattern is now ready and I'll post it soon. The name of the square has officially been changed because of a comment made by Sandra. She said it looked like the Celtic Cross and she's right. For some reason I like that design in the start of a lot of my squares.
Happy Crocheting!


earth_mother30 said...

it's amazing how changing colors can change the looks. everyone did an awsome job on them

Susan said...

That Navy Blue square on the bottom is my favorite!!!


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