February 23, 2010

Dorothee's Trick O' Treat Afghan

I'm always checking out Ravelry and other sites to see what everyone is working on. I came across Dorothee's afghan and was WOW'ed by her Halloween theme. I was so happy to see she had used my free pattern: http://smoothfoxlover.blogspot.com/2009/06/free-smoothfoxs-beginners-round-ripple.html

Dorothee agreed to let me show her pictures of the completed afghan on my blog here. She used Red Heart Super Saver in the colors of Black, Bright Orange, Bright Green and Purple and created a very beautiful Halloween version that she calls Trick O' Treat. I just love it. If you plan to try it out in the colors she used, be sure to get enough yarn. She used two skeins of each color. I'm not sure how much yarn she had left though over but her comments on Ravelry stated two skeins in each color. It looks very large so she added a lot more rounds than the original pattern shows.

She has additional pictures over on Ravelry. Here is the link if you are a Ravelry member: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/tricotteavecNinie/foxs-beginners-round-ripple-2

Thanks for letting me share what you've done Dorothee! WTG and Happy Crocheting!


Ghost said...

What a fun piece.

Unique2wh0 said...

Love it! I bet those colors were fun to work with :-)

Vaughnde said...

WOW What wonderful Bright Colors. I'm gonna have to try this pattern..when I find more time! :)

Found your blog through Ravelry

Jim said...

love this afghan, it is kinda dizzy to look at if u stare at it. i love the color combination. very vibrant.

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