June 15, 2011

Testers Found - Two Granny Round Ripple blankets


12 point

8 point

I love Round Ripples and I love Granny's so I've been designing a couple of Granny Round Ripples.  I know the pictures aren't the best.  I just tossed the blankets on the back of a couch and my ends are still showing.  I'm not finished with them as I want them slightly larger.  So if you love ROUND RIPPLES and you love GRANNY'S - let's get started. There is an 8 point and a 12 point.   I really prefer testers who will let me make a list and just split it down the middle, half and half on who tests which ones AND No, you cant ask to test both of them unless you finish the first one and can complete the second one by the deadline.  Both patterns are different patterns though so you can't just alter the number of stitches used to work the other size blanket.  

When I find enough testers I go back and change the title of this posting from Testers Wanted to Testers Found. Before emailing me, please go back and check this link to see if the title has been changed. If the title has been changed, PLEASE do not email me asking to test. If you are currently testing an item and I haven't received your picture yet as you can not ask to test this item.

1. Must be a follower of this blog and a subscriber.

2. Must be able to finish testing by Friday July 8, 2011
3. Must be able to send me a picture of your finished item attached to an email. People not following through and sending me a picture or not posting on Ravelry will no longer be able to test future patterns. 
4. Must be able to send me errors of any kind you find in the pattern. 
5. It is mandatory as of January 23, 2011 that all testers add their test projects on Ravelry after I post the link to the pattern. Once I post the pattern, you'll need to go back to Ravelry and link it to the proper pattern. If you posted your project ahead of time, it won't be linked to the pattern without using the exact name I called the pattern once it was posted. Anyway, believe me, I will be checking. If 10 people want to test, there should be 10 projects on Ravelry.
6.  Do not ask to test if you are not going to make a full size blanket.  What this means is, you can't just work about half of the rounds and call it quits as a doll blanket.  It's either the entire pattern or larger or no testing.
7. You can use whatever colors of yarn you'd like but the yarns should be 4 ply medium worsted weight. If you prefer a 3ply yarn, you will need to change the hook and your blanket will be a lot smaller. You can change colors of yarn whenever you'd like.  You don't have to change on the rounds that I changed on.  You will need probably 3 skeins of yarn total if you just use two colors of yarn.  In my 12 point, blue and purple picture above, I used parts of several skeins that probably totaled 2 of turquoise and one of purple.  In the 8 point I used parts of all different colors of yarns but probably over one skein of the most used color.

Don't ask to test if you want to use varigated or stripped yarn as it will distract and not show how pretty these blankets really are.  I AM SERIOUS.

If you want to test, send me an email to the address below with your Follower name. Only the first people emailing me will receive the pattern to test. I respond to all requests. If you don't receive a response, send another email as your original email may have gone into spam. Please don't post a comment that you'd like to test. I can't send a copy of the pattern to a "comment." You have to email me as it states. Don't send me a comment through the Google feed that you want to test. You must use the email address below.

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