December 24, 2011

Do you Skype?

My Skype name is SmoothFox_Donna

My name is Donna Mason-Svara if that is needed to find me.

Add me as a contact on Skype, it's free.  You just need a web-cam with a  microphone. If you'd like, grab your yarn and let's sit and chat while knitting or crocheting our projects. The more the merrier. I'm new to Skype but I believe we can have multiple people all just sitting around with our yarn projects talking or working silently. I have no one locally to chat with about yarn projects and am relatively new to knitting so if I'm knitting, it will be my favorite projects which are hats.

I have to warn ya though, you're going to catch me at my worst as I'm very casual, smoke, crochet and knit, stop and start projects left and right and everyday is a bad hair day.

Go ahead. Try it.  It's free.  



Teri said...

Hey Donna, Mine is teri.seager76 if you want to add me. I have it set up but I have yet to use it.

Stephanie said...

I'd love to do this! I don't have anyone around here where I can sit and chat either. Is there a day and time that you figure to get on or will you just be getting into Skype any time you crochet?

SmoothFox said...

There is no set time. Whenever I'm only, feel free to click on me just to say hi. No set format, just sit and crochet or knit, watch tv or whatever.


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