December 14, 2011

I couldn't have said it better Lori

Lori posted the following comment and I thought I'd share it with all of you incase you don't read the  individual comments on the blog. 

Dear fellow. SmoothFox Crochet & Knit followers all 100,000+ of you: Please get your squares in NOW! Christmas depends on us! Many people could take a few min. Of their time and make a 6x6 square And send in tomorrow using a couple stamps.

OnLine Angels is a wonderful nonprofit org. That will be donating blankets for those that need warmth or a hug from one of us! You never know when you might be in a situation that you JUST MIGHT need their help....Thanksgiving morning I had a 7week premature Grandson born who as of 12/14//2011 is still in the NICU in Yakima,WA. I certainly never planned on Jacob being born so early & sick! I never gave anyone a clue; however, my Grandson receives 3 handmade hats, blankets etc. Per day! Imagine yourself as a Grandma who hasn't even seen but 2 pics of the little guy. OnLine Angels has been providing the help for my grandson and all the other babies (12) in our NICU and all over U.S.! Blankets for needy mothers

Babies, Veterans....etc. We all have a yarn stash send some love for Donna aka SmoothFox & all the Angels! One square x 100,000 plus followers = 1. You feeling good! 2. Lots of happy people & kids who may not have a warm blanket and MOST of all a BIG THANK YOU to Donna aka SmoothFox for all the free patterns etc. She has given to us all! Get those needles clickin!

Lori Cheney

Naches, WA

Here is the original posting regarding charity squares.

I'm so afraid that the charity square drive will suffer due to how long it will take the mail to be received during the holiday's. So rather than waiting until too late in December to send in your squares, please begin sending them in now. I'll add your counts together plus you'll get more entries in the random drawing. Let's get some participation going!

Online Angels, Attn: SmoothFox, 36B Pine Drive, Pottsville, PA 17901


Tiara said...

I'll be sending my squares today. I was hoping to get more done, but wasn't expecting this part of the year to be so busy. That's alright though, I'll just set a goal to spend all of next year doing a square a day so that when the drive comes for next year, I'll have an avalanche to send in. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I told my friend Tara @mamachee crochet (North Pole AK) a. Plea and Our Seven Dwarves.blogspot aka Jill & Shannon the same plea. Hope it helps! Tara has 3 blogs and is a wonderful young mother & woman who is talented! I sure hope this helps! Thank you Donna for all you do and give us!

Barb said...

I am a newbie, and have a couple of questions about the squares. If they are 6 1/4" square is that okay? Are we suppose to do just the ones that are "Charity Squares 1,2,3,& 4 or can we make others that you posted? Also, do you do this every year? If so I could start in January doing squares for next year. Lastly, the due date to get them to you is January 14th?
Sorry about all the questions. Barb

SmoothFox said...

Hi Barb,
Yes, Online Angels will accept ANY squares. Not everyone is perfect in their crocheting to gauge due to yarn sizes, tension, etc. and size differences happen all the time.

Yes, I did two charity drives last year and will probably do another one or two next year.

When sending squares you just need to put ATTN: SmoothFox in the address line so we know to count you in for the square counts. Usually there is no entry form. This time there an entry form because there were different points awarded for using any of my patterns. Anyway, they receive squares that are smaller or larger than the required sizes and then they match them with other squares they received or add additional rounds to make them the next size larger.

There is a very large list that Online Angels accepts of different items. Please email Mary of Online Angels and she can email you a list of what they accept/ need. I know they take hats, booties, fabric, yarn, craft kits, school items etc. Her email is:

Welcome to the world of Crochet!!!!!

Cathy Wareham said...

Good morning,

I am the coordinator for a group of people here called Crafters Care. We
have successfully collected around 300 squares and have been making
blankets to be donated to the local Christmas Cheer Board. So far, we have
donated 15 blankets and 9 teddy bears to the charity in time for
Christmas. We will continue to collect squares and make the blankets and
donate to local charities in our region. We hope that this news will make
a difference. This is our version of the OnLine Angels. We also have
donated several quilts and baby blankets to the NICU here in Winnipeg as
part of our Crafters Care group. We also support chemotherapy patients,
the infant loss program, as well as donating to various other charities
with our knitted and crocheted items.

Merry Christmas and Blessings to everyone who has a heart to make a
difference one stitch at a time.

Cathy Wareham for Crafters Care

Tiara said...

Delivery confirmation says my package will be delivered on December 23rd so hopefully there aren't any delays!

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