April 17, 2009

Angel Stitchers

Here's another wonderful idea for helping a charity with great causes. One of the followers of this blog.... Cynthia has this to say:

I run a charity called the Angel Stitchers. We have not established a web site yet....it's on the list of things to do! We crochet and knit items for agencies such as Pregnancy Centers, Homeless Shelters, Cancer Centers, Red Cross, and Salvation Army. The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is our current project. We will accept anything, yarn...any length from 3 ft to 3000 ft...baby items, afghans, any handmade clothes--such as vest, ponchos, sweaters, purses/totes, jewelry or anything else they can think of. All most ALL of the people we donate to have NOTHING and the reservation is still in the winter months and people are dying from exposure daily.

We would really appreciate anything you would consider helping us with. Please e-mail me before sending anything. cklocke@carolina.rr.com Be blessed......Cynthia

UPDATE: They also accept 6" x 6" and 12" x 12" squares. I'm sure some of you have a few extra squares to donate to a great cause. Please send pictures to me of any squares or items you make that you will donate to this wonderful charity so I can post them on the blog.


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Knitting Nurd said...

Donna, this is wonderful! I will be contributing in the future!

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