April 23, 2009

Little Toes

Here's another cool idea for helping a charity with some awesome ideas. One of the followers of this blog.... CrochetChris has this to say:

Hi, I was reading on your blog, (great blog by the way!) And I wanted to let you know of a great group I belong to, Little Toes. We are always looking for squares to put together for blankets for the children.

Thank you!

Here is her email address so you can contact her directly:

Here's some information from the charity itself and a link to their blog:

We are a yahoo group dedicated to donate hand made items (blankets, hats, booties, toys, etc!). We donate every four months to hospitals all over the U.S and Canada. We believe in the power that hides behind giving just out of love. If you think you can join a great cause, please feel free to visit us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Happy_Little_Toes/. We are starting our 5th projects and we receive new members with open arms!

It looks like they change where they donate items to each month. What a wonderful idea. I hope some of you will consider donating to another great cause. As always, don't forget to send me some pictures of squares, blankets etc. that you send to this charity.


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