September 11, 2011

The more the merrier


A knitter asked me if she could send knitted squares so I have added points to the charity drive for those sending in knitted squares.  Your knitted squares do not need to be complicated.  They can be very simple.

UPDATE:  According to Barbara she said to mention not to make garter stitch squares as they stretch too much and are too hard to put a sc border around them.

UPDATE: Someone suggested this site for knitting patterns::



Lee Ann said...

Pretty blankie! :)
Lee Ann
Crochet...Gotta Love It!

SmoothFox said...

Barbara says
I guess replying to your message doesn't do it so here is what I wrote about knitted squares for your contest I would suggest you tell them not to do them in Garter stitch. They stretch too much or so I thought when I put a bunch of squares together, and hard to put a crochet edging on which I did on all the squares.

who hates putting squares together she discovered

Anonymous said...

Do you have knitted squares that you would specifically like us to use for this Charity Square Drive? Where could I find them if so? Most of the granny squares I see are always crocheted.


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