September 10, 2011

Winter 2011 Charity Square Drive

WANT TO WIN $25.00 up to $100.00 ?????
Participate in the 

SmoothFox - Online Angels

10/4/11 UPDATE:  PLEASE REMEMBER TO REGISTER AS AN INDIVIDUAL OR YOUR TEAM NAME WITH CINDY.  HER EMAIL IS and remember to request your free pattern for registering.

9/11/11 UPDATE: I've been asked a question regarding those who want to send in knitted squares.  I updated the blog with point totals for those sending in 6x6 or 12x12 knitted squares. 

The rules so far are below however, if I make any changes to these rules I'll be changing this post so bookmark the post and come back to it. Mary of Online Angels has final say on determining if your counts are right and I have the final say in all disputes, changing OR implementing new rules as unique questions are asked.  Have questions? Email Cindy at


PRIZES:  There are three prizes;  (1)  Individual, (1) Random Drawing and (1) Group/Team
The prizes are a $100.00 gift card from Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Wal-Mart for the Individual winner.  $25.00 gift card from Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Wal-Mart for the Random Drawing winner or a $100.00 US cashiers check for the Group/Team winners charity/business or organization.  All winners will also receive a write-up on my blog along with their submitted picture.  VOID WHERE PROHIBITED

If there are any businesses or individuals out there that want to donate any products such as new unused yarn, hooks, needles, notions, totes etc. to other winners, please contact me by email.  We can then update the prize list and send out a blog posting regarding your generous offer plus a link to your web-site.

YARN INFO: Use whatever color or brand of yarns you desire but the yarn (no cotton or wool) should be 4 ply medium worsted yarn.  Use whatever hook size you need to gain the desired size of either a 6”x6” or 7”x7” square or a 12”x12” square.   YARN TAILS MUST BE SEWN IN

GROUPS:  Examples of team/group names could be: South Side Baptist Church, Ravelry team 1, Crochetville team 5, Knitting Paradise team 1.   Online Angel members or groups/organizations with more than 20 active members who are participating in this charity square drive contest, must participate as individuals or break the groups into smaller teams of no more than 10 people per team working against all other groups/teams for the bragging rights of their team winning the most points and the prize for their organization.  Remember to keep the same team/group name during the entire contest.  A group/organization may have many teams but teams may not be larger than 10 people.

DEADLINE AND WINNER NOTIFICATION: In order to qualify for a prize, your squares must be received before January 14, 2012.  Please mail in your squares monthly so we can track your progress on the blog.  Winners will be notified by email, mail and certified mail after January 15, 2012.  Certified mail is available to US residents only

HOW TO WIN:  Earn the most points by crocheting squares as either an individual or a team/group or just be the lucky random drawing winner who submitted a square.  Even one square could win you a prize.

Squares made using SmoothFox patterns will receive higher points:
SmoothFox crochet 6”x 6” or 7”x 7” square pattern = 2 points
SmoothFox crochet 12”x12” square pattern = 8 points

NON SmoothFox crochet 6"x 6" or 7"x 7" square pattern = 1 point
NON SmoothFox crochet 12" x 12" square pattern = 4 points
Knit 6"x 6" squares = 2 points
Knit 12"x 12" squares - 8 points

Suggestions of SmoothFox patterns are below but you may use any SmoothFox pattern if 6x6, 7x7 or 12x12

I will be updating each of the above patterns with the form to mail in with your package or you can email to receive a copy of the form directly in your in-box by emailing Cindy at

The full set of rules will be included in the patterns listed above.

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