January 27, 2012

Comment from SmoothFoxHelper Lori

Congratulations to all the Winners! Wow! I am impressed that we were all shooting for a 1500 square goal and we knocked it out of the Park!!!  Thank you to all that participated and went that extra mile!  You are all wonderful and caring people! Thank you again!

UPDATE on Baby Jacob: He came home right before Christmas and guess what??? The last blankie the OnLine Angels provided to him was one from the Charity Drive! I just wish I could thank that person that sent in those beautiful squares. He is doing great. And now DRUMROLL.....he is 7lbs and eating like a horse. There are some cardiological leaps we all must get through as this is normal for every preemie. Hopefully he will grow out of it in next month and he won't have to undergo surgery to repair hole in his
heart. These holes in a normal newborn close on their own when they take their first breath. But a preemie doesn't get that option. And its a wait & see thing. FINGERS CROSSED! Thank you all for rising to the occassion with squares and thank you from this Grandma for all your prayers!

((((((HUGS)))))) to all!
Lori Cheney
Naches, WA

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Enjoli said...

That's good news!

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