January 17, 2009

Fox's I Love You Hearts 12 x 12

I've been working on designing this heart square since the night, about a week ago, that I got word that my Mother had been admitted into the hospital. For this entire week, I've been a nervous wreck. Unable to eat or think straight and of course worried to death that each time I spoke to my sister or my dad (down in Dallas) to find out more about how my mom was doing, I'd hear that she had passed away. Some of you know that I work for the Public Defenders office and all day long I talk to people accused of committing crimes and they are locked up in jail. I can't tell you how many times that I wanted to lash out at some of them when they were rude to me or when they asked me to do something for them that was just a simple thing like looking up information about a future court date. Their phone calls should have been a pleasant distraction to my pre-occupation with thinking about my Mom but I sort of felt I was going through a pre-grieving period that I needed as I prepared myself for the bad news. The only thing that kept me sane was crocheting once I got home at night.
Last night, I got the best news ever about her condition and after giving thanks to the Lord and doing a lot of praising the Lord, I sat down for the first time in a week and ate the biggest meal I've had since Thanksgiving a few years ago. I finally felt like I could breath again.
With a very full stomach and a clear mind, I then got back to completing this square. It is going to be a square that is sold so I only wanted to ask for 5 FOLLOWERS to test it. No more than that. If you are testing the Quick and Simple square, you can't test this pattern until I receive your emailed pictures and pattern errors. Then if I don't have 5 people yet, you can test this one for me.
Please only ask to test this square if you are experienced at checking patterns for errors and can send me an emailed picture. When sending pictures please crop them and don't leave your strings showing or other items in the background. I'd like to show the pictures off under the items crocheted from my patterns here on the blog or if I don't have enough pictures for the on-line store, I'll ask if I can use it in the pattern or the on-line store and give you credit for the contribution of the picture.
Followers wanting to test should emal me at SmoothFoxLover@yahoo.com and include your follower name.

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Dragonflymom said...

I am a follower
I just wanted to say this square is really pretty.

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