January 1, 2009

Treasure Hunt for a FREE CROCHET PATTERN

Want a free crochet pattern from my ETSY shop? Well, today's your lucky day. Let's do a treasure hunt for the information you need to get the free pattern. The answer's are all here on my blog except the free pattern. Follow the rules to get your Treasure Hunt Pattern.

Here are the rules for the "Treasure Hunt for a free crochet pattern"

1. Not a follower yet? Become one! Already a follower? Well you must be a follower of my blog WITH a picture attached to your profile. If you hoover your mouse over the followers without a picture and see your name just go put a picture in your profile. Any picture will do. If you hoover over the followers and don't see your name and picture - become a follower. As for the picture - I put a picture of my favorite crochet square. Please don't ask me how to do it. I just hunted around and figured it out and I'm sure you can to. If you can't figure it out, I'm sorry - but you won't qualify for the free pattern.

2. You must also find the "subscribe via email" button or "subscribe via feed" button and become a subscriber. If you select subscribe via email you will enter your email address, go to your email and you will find an email asking you if you want to subscribe. If you do, there will be a link that you click on. If you have already subscribed then you are one step ahead of the others.

3. Go to the bottom of all of the blog posts on the main page. Below the last posting by me - there is a window showing my SmoothFox merchandise. Watch for the one travel mug to show. Write down what is written on it.

4. Find the link here on my blog to my shop. Go to the shop and browse around the patterns. Pick a pattern you want to have. Nothing higher than $2.50. You can click on squares all you want before you choose (write down the name of the one you want) but DO NOT click on a square to purchase it unless you really want to purchase it. If you do purchase 2 squares you will qualify for the buy two get one free so you will get this additional free pattern mentioned in this posting plus the other free one.

5. After finding the FREE pattern you want, send me an email. You will find my email address listed somewhere here on the blog.

6. In the subject line of the email put - TREASURE HUNT - FREE PATTERN

7. In the body of your email give me the name of the pattern you want free and your real name, what was written on the travel mug, your follower name (I will check to make sure you are a follower with a picture) and how you heard about my blog. IMPORTANT - tell me if you are an email subscriber or a feed subscriber. For some reason the email subscription hasn't been emailing updates so I have to create a "group" of the email addresses in google and set it up here in blogger to get it to work. Apparently you can't have more than 10 email subscribers without setting up a group list of email address.

Follow all the instructions and you will receive the pattern via email as an attachment. It will be an MSWord .doc document.

This offer will expire when I delete this post or update that this post is closed.


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