July 21, 2010

Texas Bound and I need your help

I'm leaving to go visit my family in Texas tomorrow.  My son Billy, his wife Stef and her mother who lives in Italy are flying in tomorrow and we will meet up with my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and niece.  I can't wait!  I've never met my son's wife's mother before.  My son married a wonderful lady from Italy and she moved here to the states when they married.  Her mother is flying in fron Italy to meet our side of  the family and doesn't speak any English.  Stef is going to be under a lot of pressure translating everything that is said.  This should be fun.

I'll be back in touch Sunday night.

In the mean time, I need your help.  I'd like to know if anyone knows a person on the Internet named Dottie aka Linedancrs.  She has been a tester for the past year and has had some health problems.

Dottie emailed me that she was going in for surgery last Monday a week ago and would contact me when she was out of surgery and let me know how she was doing.  I have never heard from her.  I'm extremely freaked out.  Please email me if you know who she is or have any idea if she is okay.

I also have noticed that my background on my blog is going to disappear on Friday while I'm down there in Texas.  Not sure if I can get it fixed tonight before I leave because of packing etc I need to do.  I want to choose a blogger background template but have no idea how to get rid of the background that is going to expire from my html or set up on blogger.  Shesh. 


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Elo said...

Buenas tardes, vivo en Veracurz, México y solo le escribo para felicitarla por lo bonito que esta su Blog que cosas tan maravillosas teje, yo tambien lo hago pero, no se nada de ingles asi que me conformo solo con ver, saludos y que la convivencia sea maravillosa, un abrazo

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