September 18, 2010

Foxs Brain Dead Easy Loopy Long Row Hat

This pattern is available as a free download by clicking here: 

Crochet instructions for the Loopy Long Row hat are
courtesy of Paula Gaumer Tooke

The Loopy Long Row hat pattern is a variation of the original
hat which is available by clicking here:



Colette Marie said...

Thank you for this free pattern. I have been making hats for my kids I have a similar pattern I found online which is very easy, but I think the unique"pom pom" you have created is very cute. I am going to make one in my childs school colors for when I go the thier football games! Thank you!!

belle said...

Thanks very much for the pattern. Cute hat!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such an awesome pattern with easy step by step instuctions. And the ease of downloading and printing it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great pattern!

I am a little confused, however, about some of the rows. After you make the 35-chain loop, it says to sc in the next 35. Does that mean to sc in the loop? The pictures at the start of the next row don't show any other colors being added to the body of the hat, so I wasn't sure.

Paula said...

n the pattern, you do, basically, *35 sc, ch 1, sc in next 30, ch 1, sc in next 30, ch 1 and sc in the next 30 + the ones you left empty.*

The loopies are an "extra-added attraction" that is done now, ch 35, then I might suggest you sl st into th 1st ch of th 35 . . . it might make it easier for you.

Then, repeat * to * in paragraph 1 followd by the directions for the loopy.

If this doesn't help, please email me at and I will send you pictures to show how it works.

\0/ paula

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the link for the crochet download, but it said the file is no longer valid? If it's easier to just email it to me directly, my email address is liz dot passmore at gmail dot com. Thanks!

theresasthisnthat said...

How do you get your loops at top of the hat to curl? The other pics on Ravelry submitted by other people have flat long loops & I want mine to curl like your pic.

SmoothFox said...

Hi Theresathisnthat,

I'll forward your comment onto the person who created this pattern. It was my original pattern with alterations by Paula. However, I'll need you to email me at so she can email you with comments.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, with the curly loops on top like that you have to hold a very tight tension for it to curl, i crochet looser then most but for those i do it tightly and it works, hope that helps

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