September 11, 2010

Links to my thoughts 9 years later

Budweiser 9/11 commercial aired only once:

Red Skelton -

Superman Tribute to Soldiers:

Budweiser Soldier Tribute:

Budweiser 9/11 commercial:

Proud to be an American:

If you're reading this:

I Believe:

Pink Floyd tribute:

I won't forget.  I'll always remember.  Let us pray.



MarieAnge said...

A day I will always mourn in the history of our planet.

The images are still as fresh as the morning I sad in complete disbelief watching CNN and crying at the inability to do anything to help.

It reminded me of just how fragile life is and how quickly it can be snuffed out.

Big Girl Jewelry said...

So many images are burned in my brain from that time, but none has stuck with me like the image of Dan Rather bursting into tears on the Late Show with David Letterman when it was finally deemed acceptable for regular TV programming to resume.

I thought about blogging some sort of tribute today, but It seemed such a hollow endeavor. I couldn't find the words. Thank you Donna and you too, Angel (I just read your blog post).

bjrjames said...

Thanks so much for sharing these; again I cried. But I think we all need reminding what our country went through and what we still face.

Amy said...

That Bud commercial made me cry.

I can't hardly watch anything about 9/11 with out crying. The plane hitting the building almost makes me sick to my stomach.

The plane that crashed in PA went right over our county in Ohio. That thought really stuck in my mind.

God Bless the USA!!!

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