September 5, 2010

SmoothFox's Daisy Four Patch 12x12

The pattern has instructions to make squares in the following sizes:  4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 or the final 12x12 four patch square.  To make this 12x12 version you must make four of the 5x5 squares. 

This pattern is available by going down the right side of the blog and looking for free patterns as .pdf's or you can click here for the pattern:  SmoothFox's Daisy Four Patch 12x12 

Remember... if you make a blanket using any of my patterns I'd love to show it on the blog.

Happy Crocheting!


crazycrochetmom said...

Hi Donna I was just wondering I have never made an afghan wit squares before I want make this square but using the 7 inch square I have no clue on how many to make and how many to put across and how many to put in a strip can you please help

SmoothFox said...

On the right side of my blog is a link that tells you the size of blankets and how many squares you need.


Anonymous said...

Love your patterns! I have tried to download two of them...Daisy Four Patch and Staind Glass Afghan Square(12') but the pdf file comes up as gibberish. I am a male but not blonde! Hope you can help. thanks.

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