September 5, 2010

Testers Found - Fox's Nonagon Blanket


This pattern is one that I created about 6 months ago.  At work during a staff meeting my boss Jason, informed us that his new wife (my vet for my 2 dogs) was going to have a baby and then suddenly another Attorney, announced that she too was going to have a baby.  It turns out that both babies are due within 2 weeks of each other.  In fact, both babies are due this month.   Well I set to work creating this pattern and once it was done, I changed my mind about the curve in the middle so I have changed the pattern to have no curve.  Pay attention here -- if I like one of the finished testers pictures of their completed blanket better than my own picture, I'd like permission to use it in the pattern instead of my own picture.
If you want to be a tester, read the instructions below and let's get started! Remember, everyone who tests any of the patterns will have their picture of the completed tested item shown in the blog next to their name as a tester. So show off your talents. I'd really like it if when I put the pattern up on Ravelry, if each tester or person who ever works this pattern would add it as a project there so I can post a link to everyone who makes this items pictures.

SORRY to put this next part but I have to get this off my chest.  A blanket is a big project and I feel I give plenty of time to work it. If you ask to test this pattern and another pattern opens up for testing (which it probably will), don't ask to test the other pattern.  If you have health issues, family issues, yarn issues, work issues etc. that can even remotely keep you from completing the testing - don't ask to test this pattern.  All you're doing is keeping a legitimate tester from testing the pattern. I'm also still getting emails from people who disregard the instructions to go back to the blog to see if I have enough testers and they still email me to test.  That is not how this works.  Only the first so many people are going to be able to test a pattern and that is it.  

1. Must be a follower of this blog and a subscriber. Not a follower yet? Sign up. Let me know your follower name.

2. Must be able to finish testing by Saturday September 25th.

3. Must be able to send me a picture of your finished item attached to an email.

4. Must be able to send me errors of any kind you find in the pattern.

5. It'd be a plus but is not mandatory, if you were a member of Ravelry so you can add the project when the pattern opens up to everyone.

6. You can use whatever color(s) you want of 4 ply medium worsted. I'd like to see a variety of colorful blankets.  I list in the pattern the colors I used but PLEASE pick your own color scheme.

If you want to test, send me an email to the address below with your Follower name. I will determine how many testers I need and then close the call for testers.  Please don't post a comment that you'd like to test. I can't send a copy of the pattern to a "comment." You have to email me as it states. When I find enough testers I go back and change the title of this posting from Testers Wanted to Testers Found. Before emailing me, please go back and check this link to see if the title has been changed.



Laurie Laliberte said...

Awesome piece! I can't wait to see the finished results.

Casey said...

I love the way this blanket looks!!

Deborah Misfit said...

How lovely - I wish I could volunteer to test this one - but with my health issues I'm afraid I wouldn't make the deadline - so I am going to eagerly await this one being completed! Thanks for all you have done for me Donna in letting me in to test the Daisy - I loved doing it :) and hope to do another test soon!

Deborah Misfit said...

I love this pattern - I do so wish I could test it - but with my health I'm afraid I wouldn't meet the deadline - so I'm just going to eagerly await the finished product :) Thanks for allowing me to test the Daisy pattern - such fun!

Anonymous said...

I love this pattern cant wait for the testing to be finished,mary

MarieAnge said...

Come on over to check out your latest award :)

Yes, I tagged you!

Angel :)

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