October 10, 2010

SmoothFox's Circle to Hex to Triangle 5x5

Hobby Lobby “I Love This Yarn!” 4 ply Medium Worsted
Color A: Soft Blue
Color B: Pistache

Hook Size: H - 8 - 5.00 MM
Skill level: Advanced Beginner
Size: 5”x5”
Yarn Needle

Special Stitches
Shell – (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) In indicated space

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Using color A ch 4, join with slip st to first ch to form a ring.
Round 1:  Ch 5, [dc in ring, ch] 5 times, join with slip st in 4th ch of beg ch-5. (6 dc, 6 ch-2 sps)
Round 2:  Slip st into next ch sp, ch 3, 2 dc in same sp, [ch 2,  3 dc in next ch sp] 5 times, join with hdc in top of beg ch-3. (18 dc, 6 ch-2 sps)
Round 3:  Ch 3, (dc, ch 2, 2 dc) around the hdc just made, ch 1, sk 1 st, dc in center st, ch 1, sk 1 st, [shell in next ch-2 sp, ch 1, sk 1 st, dc in center st, ch 1] 5 times, join with slip st in top of beg ch-3.  Finish off.  (30 dc, 6 ch-2 sps, 12 ch-1 sps)
Round 4:  Using color B join with a slip st in any ch-2 sp, ch 1, *2 sc in ch-2 sp, sk 2 sts, sk ch-1 sp, (3 tr, ch 3, 3 tr) in dc, sk ch-1 sp, sk 2 dc, 2 sc in ch-2 sp, sc in next 7 sts or ch-1 sps, repeat from * 2 more times, join with slip st in first sc.  Finish off. 
Created by Donna Mason-Svara aka SmoothFoxLover@yahoo.com 2010

This pattern has been tested. Please notify me of any pattern corrections. I will answer any and all questions you may have with the instructions. Do not plagiarize this pattern. All patterns are my original designs. Please do not re-sell my patterns or give them away for free or post my patterns on the Internet. You may sell items you make from my patterns at craft fairs, fund raisers or custom orders for friends and family but please do not sell finished items on the internet without my written permission. Do not claim designs as your own.

This pattern is copyrighted by me and I give my permission for you to post pictures of items made from my pattern on your website if you will post a link back to my ETSY store if the pattern is for sale. If the pattern is free, please direct people to my blog. Be sure to list the name SmoothFox as the designer.


Annemarie's Breiblog said...

This triangle is really lovely!

Anonymous said...

i would have loved to seen each shape a different colour to emphasize the shapes

Anonymous said...

nice :)

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