February 13, 2011

Testing Closed/Testers Found - Various patterns





Please, don't ask to test patterns without reading the information below. There are changes and you should make sure that you can comply.

There will be multiple patterns to test.  You don't get to pick which ones to test.  Depending on how many people ask to test, I'll break the testers into groups and you will only get the patterns that your group gets.  DO NOT ask to receive all of the patterns.  There are coasters, doilies, squares.  None of the patterns will require a large amount of time.  There are no blankets being tested so don't worry that you will be given a huge project.   
Show Your True Colors 6x6

2 versions of Blue Petals - can be coasters if crocheted larger - can be doilies or an afghan

Garden of Flowers 6x6

Jubilee 6x6

Picot de Mayo 7.5" x 7.5"

Purple yarn doily 11.5" across

Starburst Flower Square 12x12

Starburst Coaster 4" across

Mellow Yellow coaster 5.5" across

If you want to be a tester, read the instructions below and let's get started! Remember, everyone who tests any of the patterns will have their picture of the completed tested item shown in the blog next to their name as a tester. So show off your talents. I'd really like it if when I put the pattern up on Ravelry, if each tester or person who works this pattern would add it as a project there so I can post a link to everyone who makes this items pictures.

When I find enough testers I go back and change the title of this posting from Testers Wanted to Testers Found. Before emailing me, please go back and check this link to see if the title has been changed. If the title has been changed, PLEASE do not email me asking to test. If you are currently testing an item and I haven't received your picture yet, you can not ask to test this item.

1. Must be a follower of this blog and a subscriber. Not a follower yet? Sign up. Let me know your follower name.

2. Must be able to finish testing by Friday February 18th.

3. Must be able to send me a picture of your finished item attached to an email. People not following through and sending me a picture will no longer be able to test future patterns. Sending me pictures late does not bode well.

4. Must be able to send me errors of any kind you find in the pattern.

5. It is mandatory as of January 23, 2011 that all testers add their test projects on Ravelry after I post the link to the pattern. Once I post the pattern, you'll need to go back to Ravelry and link it to the proper pattern. If you posted your project ahead of time, it won't be linked to the pattern without using the exact name I called the pattern once it was posted. Anyway, believe me, I will be checking. If 10 people want to test, there should be 10 projects on Ravelry.

6. You can use whatever color(s) of yarn or cotton you'd like.

If you want to test, send me an email to the address below with your Follower name. Only the first so testers emailing me will receive the pattern to test. Please don't post a comment that you'd like to test. I can't send a copy of the pattern to a "comment." You have to email me as it states. Don't send me a comment through the Google feed that you want to test. You must use the email address below.

Donna SmoothFoxLover@yahoo.com


Priszm said...

I would love to test jubilee!

Busy lil' Bee said...

Wow that closed fast! Gorgeous coaster patterns Donna!

SmoothFox said...

The posting was open all day long and closed late this afternoon. Sorry you missed out.
Email me in case someone drops out.


Ellen2010 said...

I would love to test any that you would like me to test.

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