April 10, 2011

Lisa's beautiful afghan

I received these great pictures from Lisa Wilson who wrote me an email regarding the pictures of her beautiful afghan.  She used one of my free patterns.  Click here for the pattern: SmoothFox's Granny Loves A Baby  Great job Lisa and I'm sure she will love it.

Here is her letter:

I made this afghan for a co-workers Aunt who was diagnosed with breast cancer. I loved the look of the squares and the color changes, and thought....hey I could just put bc ribbons on the four corners. I love the square pattern, it not only looks nice but its not hard at all ,to do... Thanks Donna for all your lovely patterns~
Lisa in Wisconsin


MarieAnge said...

That is gorgeous Lisa!
I'm positive the person to whom it was gifted will adore it and use it a lot.
You can see the love that was poured into each square as you made it.
Great job!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous afghan!!!!

Unique2wh0 said...


Sue said...

what a great idea to make the person really know that you care

Sara said...

I Love The Granny Scare blanket.. My mom is a breast cancer survivor! I am a new folower!

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