April 17, 2011

Update: Do you want to test knitted hats?

I put out a request about a week ago and someone pointed out to me that they thought they were already on "the list".  Well, the original list was written in a steno pad months ago.  The stenopad eventually filled up and somehow was discarded by my husband.

I have the following people on the new list, which I have put into a spreadsheet on the old computer so I won't lose it.  Remember you are not under any obligation to test, you will never be forced to do any pattern you aren't interested in.  There are various sizes of the hats and you can pick your own colors and size that you want to work your project in. 

I'll just send an email when your name comes up and if you want to opt in, you just email me that you are interested.  If you don't want to participate in a specific hat, that's okay too.  I'll just go on down the list of until I find enough people to test the hat. 

REMEMBER - you must have a RAVELRY ACCOUNT so that you can post your project pictures to after you have completed testing.

If you don't see your name and you are interested in joining the NEW list to test knitted hats (mostly FairIsle stranded or Intarsia) please send me an email. SmoothFoxLover@yahoo.com  In your email I need your first and last name along you telling me that you do have a Ravelry account and it would be nice to know what your experience level is with knitting FairIsle and Intarsia.

Albrecht, K

Brouillard, M

Chaffin, L

Cottis, E

Coy, A

Durand, M

Evans, D

Hill, M

McKnight, B

Ord, J

Parkin, T

Rowan, J

Stanford, F

Thulin, D

Veteto, L

York, M

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