June 3, 2010

Edith's Beautiful Star Baby Blankie

Flipped picture to show the star in the upright position (I know the picture looks "strange") flipped

Edith S. sent me this wonderful picture of a blanket she made using one of my patterns.  I think it's just so darned beautiful!  She used the Fox's Star Square.  Once again everyone, if you make a blanket using any of my patterns, I'd love to show it on the blog so please feel free to send me pictures.

Edith's email said - I used your star square pattern to make a baby blanket for a little boy. I finished it a while ago but I am only now sending a photo as my computer whiz son is nearby and will help me attach the photo so that you can see the blankie. The recipients loved the blankie.



eezelifeinbc said...

Edith's baby afghan is beautiful. Thanks for sharing a picture.

Gatta said...

really lovely! no... spectacular

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