June 19, 2010

My sister Kathy's a wino

I'm just kidding with that title.  Kathy does love her wine though and she gets to drink on the job.  The reason for this posting is that she has a blog and I wanted to give any of you wine drinkers a heads up.  She's pretty darn good at blogging about wine.  She makes even me, a non-drinker want to try some of those bottles of reasonably priced wines. 

Here's her profile: Wine Buyer, Wine Lover, Wine Geek, Wine Educator. I have been awarded the post-nominal of CSW ~ Certified Specialist of Wine by the Society of Wine Educators in Washington DC. I guess I just love wine and everything about wine! Wine was Jesus'first miracle and I think it still is! I'm married to a terrific guy, have a beautiful and brilliant daughter ~ Life is GOOD! If you want to chat wine, learn about wine, or ask a wine question - just email me: WineOnWednesday@aol.com 

Here's the link  http://wineadvisornorthdallas.blogspot.com/   If you become a follower or a subscriber, please give a shout out that her big sister Donna sent ya!

Her daughter Lyndsay, goes to college at Baylor in Waco, TX and just flew to Nairobi, Africa.  She left on Thursday and arrived sometime on Friday.  I believe she is digging dinosaur bones up. She'll be living out at the dig.  I'm going to post pictures if or when I ever receive them.

P.S.  Kathy got all the looks but I got all the crocheting talent LOL
Oh and Kathy if you're reading this...........Love you MORE sistah!!!!!

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