June 22, 2010


As people have been sending me pictures of their items, my computer has been filling up.  I'd like some input from some of you who might be able to help me figure this out.

If I create a group on Flickr - people can join the group and then send their pictures of completed items there and I can then link to show them here on the blog?  Right?  That seems to be what Flickr is implying. 

If I create the Flickr group - there are 3 options and I'm not sure which would be the best option.  Any help would be appreciated in choosing which is the best for this situation.

Also, since I have tons of pictures from Followers on the blog, can I upload all of their pictures to Flickr and then delete them from my computer?  Would they still show on the blog or be like little red X's because the pictures have moved?  Would I have to go to Flickr and get each of the pictures and re-load them here to avoid the little red X's with blank pictures showing?

Is there a different option out there for a place that have people put their pictures in one place to be used on the blog? 

Please send me emails with advice.



Paula said...

I'm in a group for my blessings samplers and all I had to do was join the group (she had a link on her side bar) and now when I "flickr" a picture I have the choice of posting itto the group or not. VERY easy fro my standpoint as a "picture poster."


Ghost said...

put the photos in a folder and burn to a disk then delete the folder. When you need the photo you still have it but it is not taking up room on your computer.

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