February 19, 2009

Fox's A Bit of Love - Testers Found

So many people make comfortghan's for their friends and relatives that are in need of comforting due to life's tragedies. With each stitch they are offering a bit of love when they crochet their afghans to comfort those loved ones. Hence the name of this 12" x 12" square - Fox's A Bit of Love.

I'd like to ask if there is anyone out there today that has never tested one of my patterns to come forward and email me their FOLLOWER name and test this new pattern. I'll take the first 5 newbies to testing for me. If I don't get enough people who haven't tested before, I'll be open for those of you who are Followers and have tested patterns before.

You'll be looking for pattern errors, stitch counts etc. and you must be willing to email me the information about errors and a picture or two of your finished square after the ends are weaved in.

SmoothFoxLover at yahoo.com

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Diana Dangas said...

surffing the net
Diana Dangas

I have been watching all your squares and I'm waiting for the day to come when I can order all the ones I would like to get all at once. Till then I would like to do a test on the new one you just posted My e-mail is bayside1977@hotmail.com thanks Diana

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