August 29, 2010

Add your projects on Ravelry

Are you a member of Ravelry?  Have you ever tested a pattern for me?  Made one of my squares or completed a project using any of my patterns?

If so, please add your projects to Ravelry (even if I showed your picture) and tie your project to my patterns over on Ravelry.  I love to see pictures attached to the patterns on Ravelry.

I appreciate it.


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Laurie Laliberte said...

Hey Donna!

I looked for the last pattern I tested, but couldn't find it....I'll go back today and check again. thanks for the reminder!

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Please post general comments for everyone to see however if your comment is regarding that you want to test a pattern or need me to fix an error in a pattern - do not leave a comment. Just send me an email instead.