August 7, 2010

Testers pictures of Foxs Geometric Square

The two patterns are now for sale on Ravelry and Etsy.  They can be purchased seperately or together at a reduced rate on ETSY or together at the reduced rate on Ravelry. 

ETSY for the 12x12 square: 

ETSY for the 6x6 square:

ETSY for the reduced rate if you purchase both squares:

RAVELRY for the reduced rate if you purchase both squares:

Adrian 6x6
Adrian 12x12
Adrian 6x6
Adrian 12x12
Cindy 6x6
Cindy 12x12
Dena 6x6
Dena 12x12
Gayle 6x6
Gayle 12x12
Jewel 6x6
Jewel 12x12
Katy 6x6
Katy 12x12
Janet 6x6
Janet 12x12
Laurie 6x6
Laurie 12x12
Lavina 12x12
Leah 6x6
Leah 12x12
Marion 6x6
Marion 12x12
Paula 12x12 cotton
Paula 12x12
Sandra 6x6


Susan 6x6
Susan 12x12
Vaughndelee 6x6
Vaughndelee 12x12

Viola 6x6

Viola 12x12
Aisha 12x12

Aisha 6x6

I'll post more pictures when I get them.



Paula said...

I love the 6x6 squares . . specially Susan's with the multi colors.

Great Pattern!


earth_mother30 said...

it's always so much fun to see the different takes on a pattern.

Molly said...

They are all beautiful but my favorite is Jewel's 12 x 12--that blue just makes me dreamy. Love it !! So sorry I missed this one :(

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