August 22, 2010

You got dog food in my mayonaise

I was taking a nap and woke up to these words coming from my obviously mad husband who was in the kitchen, "You got dog food in my mayonaise!"

Now how in the hell did I get dog food in his mayonaise?  I was sleeping?  What in the world was he talking about.  I got up off the couch and went into the kitchen.  I use Miracle Whip.  He uses Mayonaise.

He was standing in the kitchen, making himself a sandwich when I said, "What are you talking about?"

"You got dog food in my mayonaise!"

Giving him the strangest look, "How did I do that if I was sleeping?"

"Did you make the dogs their dinner?"

Still looking at him strangely, "Yeah I did.  I got a 2 bowls, put a cup of dry in each bowl, opened up one can of wet dog food and mixed it together half in each bowl."

"See that's how you got dog food in my Mayonaise!"

"What the heck are you talking about.  I didn't go anywhere near the Mayonaise."

I could tell he was still mad at me and he said, "And what did you mix the dog food up with?"

"A knife," I said.

"Well there ya are!"

"What the heck do you mean?  I put the knife in the dishwasher with the other dirty dishes."

"Well I grabbed a dirty knife out of the dishwasher to spread mayonaise on my sandwich so that's how you got dog food in my Mayonaise!"

"So it's my fault you used a dirty knife when there are clean ones in the drawer?"

"Yeah, I was trying to do what you said and not make so many dirty dishes.  I was doing my part by reusing something that was already dirty!"

So I say to you all.  That's how I got dog food in HIS Mayonaise. do the dumbest things!




Big Girl Jewelry said...

I just posted a link to this page on Facebook and Twitter with the heading "A fellow blogger reminds me why I'm still single." 'Nuf said.

Blossy said...

lol I love his logic even though he is wrong

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