December 19, 2010

Advice needed

I participated in a contest and my prize I chose was a small handheld Camcorder.  The kind that is small and flat like a cell phone.   I have no idea how to set it up so that I can make some video tutorials.  I mean, there is no one to hold it for me to tape myself from the view of the crocheter.  The only thing I can think of is to somehow hang it from my neck, hold very still and create the video. 

Anyone have any ideas?  Plus how can I have it around my neck when there is no strap.

I was also thinking maybe if I could get a tshirt with a pocket, cut the pocket down a bit so that it is below the lense and then with it in my pocket possibly I could create a video?

All comments or suggestions would be great!




Dreaming Diva said...

I own a Flip camcorder which is just like what you have and they actually sell stands for them usually for $25 or less. You might find it to be a great investment if you plan on doing a lot of self-videos. I know people that just prop the camcorder on books and record but then you have to worry about it tipping over.

'Cause I'm a Blonde said...

I have a small Kodak camera and I was able to purchase a small tripod for it on Amazon. Just search Amazon for a tripod for your model of camera...mine is only about 4-6" tall with bendable legs so I would like something like that could be moved by you to find the best angle, etc.

S. Chaffee said...

I had the same problem with my point and shoot camera until my mom found me a small tripod for it. Before that I would prop my camera up on the table so I could see where it was aiming at and would stretch my hands in front of it to tape me crocheting. I never got around to editing my videos so they're still hanging out in my computer LoL!

Donna- Theedgeof17 said...

Hey- D-
Yes the tripod is the way to go. But- since this is a crafty environment , how about getting a square of styraphome (spelling) and widdle a little niche in it for the phone to sit while you do the video. That will work.
Talk to you soon.
Donna- (Theedgeof17)

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