December 21, 2010

Were you a fan of the old Western Genre?

My son, Bill Proctor a.k.a Billy to me, has just started college and he did a presentation on Western Genre with a group of fellow students.  I thought it was pretty good, although I noted spelling errors LMAO. It was enjoyable seeing some of the pictures of my favorite western actors.  Hearing my son narrate the film was cool.  His wife is from Italy and everytime he pronounced a certain Italian director I had to grin because he said it with an Italian accent.  Please take a few minutes to watch his YouTube video. He complained only 4 people had seen it and says it was probably him checking on it 4 times LOL

Here is the link to the YouTube Video:  Western Genre



Clara said...

I watched the whole thing and thought it was just great....loved his speaking voice!

bjrjames said...

I remember going to the movies on Saturday afternoons to see Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and the others. I sent this to my hubby; I know he will love it, too. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Ana Luisa said...

Will try to watch the video later, got an error at the moment.
Tell Bill well done from me. :)

Merri said...

Thanks for sharing! Great Job!


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