December 21, 2010

Casey's Daisy Blanket

I received an email from Casey regarding her Daisy Blanket and after seeing the picture of her blanket on the project page at Ravelry I just had to show everyone.  You did a great job Casey and bravo on the color choices.  I believe Casey was one of the testers of this pattern as was Elaine in the previous posting.  Once again, here's the link for the free pattern called SmoothFox's Daisy Four Patch 12x12

Now what little girl or even a big girl like me wouldn't want to have this blanket on their bed!! I think it is so pretty and looks like it will be a big hit no matter what time of year you made this blanket. Thanks for sharing your picture Casey.

Remember to send me pictures of your large finished projects like these wonderful afghans and I'll post them on the blog.


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