December 16, 2010

Snow in Walton Kentucky

How is this snow storm that is going across the United States affecting you? 

I tried to go to work today and couldn't make it out of the subdivision.  My truck was stuck in the street. I also may have ruined my SUV 4 wheel drive according to my husband or the 4 wheel drive isn't working like we thought when we bought the vehicle.  Boy I hope not.

So it looks like I'll be sitting at home and knitting today.  Anyone else having a snow day today?



Mindy said...

I want to feel bad for you, but it DOES sound glorious to have a stay-at-home-crafting day! Hope your truck is alright, though!

We're just fighting bitter cold--no snow today.

Military Martha said...

I'd love for El Paso to have some snow! but sadly Florida is colder than here lately. Supposedly it snowed here last year, but the coldest day we've had this year was Thanksgiving in the 50s

CrochetDad said...

Snow? Oh, yeah, that white stuff on the mountains nearby. Here in Southern California, that's all we have - snow on the mountains. At least that's the way it is here in Temecula. The last few days has been in the 80's - not hot enough for the air conditioning, but surprising, none the less.

Being retired, almost EVERYDAY is a "snow day" for me.

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

Surprisingly your 4wd is probably ok. I found out that 4wd 'does not' work all the time and you can get stuck. I thought the same thing about my 4wd, that it went out and it was going to be expensive to fix. But it works, I just happened to get stuck and the 4wd was useless. Who woulda thought???

Ana Luisa said...

No snow for me, just dry weather, makes my hair all staticky. Keep safe and warm, I've heard about the snow across some parts of the USA and Europe.

Erin said...

Lots of snow days here in Ohio! More to come Tuesday.

Diana Dangas said...

I live in Alberta Canada and we have been getting snow for the past week. More cold than anything else. As for the snow days What Is That? no matter how much snow we get I still have to go to work even if I'm late. Just sit back and enjoy your day off and don't worrie about the SUV all will work out.

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