December 19, 2010

Knitting added

You may notice I changed the name of the blog to include the word "Knit"

I've been interested in knitting for years and have no one around me to get advice from or to help me learn to knit so it's been a slow process for me.  I've decided that as I learn something new, (old to you experienced knitters) and if I create my own pattern, I'll be posting for "testers wanted" just like I do with crocheting.

Maybe some of you brave souls will be interested also in delving into knitting, as well as crocheting.  We can learn together.  Or maybe some of you very experienced knitters who can whip up a project in a day could test a pattern or two and supply information on what the cast-on stitch count would be for a larger hat.  Right now I'm into knitting hats for two babies that my co-workers have both just had within the past 3 months.  So if I have a pattern for a newborn baby, you might have a toddler or an adult that you want to work the pattern for and we can fill in the information to adjust the sizes.

I hope some of you will respond in comments if you are interested in participating!!!



Cindy P said...

I would love to participate!!I too am new to knitting and I am just learning!! It would be fun to learn with others or benefit from those that really know what they are doing!! =)

SoonerGal said...

I taught myself to knit several years ago. I wouldn't say I was experienced, but definitely obsessed LOL! Maybe I can help you with your patterns or questions. Just give me holler when you need something!

Anonymous said...

I'm learning myself AND I have a newborn - so a baby hat pattern would be perfect! I can't wait to see it.

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