December 22, 2010

Day two of my vacation

Tuesday- Day two of my vacation:

I created a chart using Excel for a skull and decided I would try super hard to try to get my tension the same when using both hands to knit.  I designed it thinking I could put two sets of skulls across the hat but apparently I did too much of the stripes plus I used a fluffy yarn.

I work for the Public Defenders office and I designed this hat with a special Attorney in mind who I call the Devil's Pawn sometimesHe really is a cool Attorney who always has me in stitches laughing but he has a dark side sometimes when he comes back from court.  He'll walk past me and sorta growl because of the hard day he's had. I call the hat Skull Hat For A Cool Guy.  The more I stare at those skulls all I needed to do was put two horns on each skull and it would definately have been the devil.

I wasn't sure how many stitches around a hat for a man should be.  This hat is going to be a tight squeeze for him.  If he can't wear it, I'll give it to a teenage kid son of one of my co-workers who will love it I'll bet.

I learned the following:

1. Each of my hands knits with a different tension.

2.  I can design a chart that can be used to knit a hat.

3. I have never used alternating colors when doing the decreases in the top of a hat.  I still haven't mastered how to make it look pretty.  When you K2tog and there are 2 colors of yarns, I didn't know which I should work the stitch with

If anyone is interested, I wrote the pattern down and you can test it by sending me an email for the pattern called Skull Hat For A Cool Guy.


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Mom2fur said...

I think you did an awesome job! I hope it fits because I'm sure the attorney will really like it!

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