December 16, 2008

Flower Power - Testing Closed



I have no idea what they will be called later on and please tell me what you think they should be named.

I've been working on two Flower Power patterns. Both came out very different in my opinion. Not sure whether there is interest in them but I had fun designing them. I've got both patterns just about completed.
I am trying to get my act together and get some patterns ready for the new Ravelry store I signed up for and some patterns for the free patterns here and at Ravelry.
If people will just add a comment telling me you want to be a tester of the pattern. The comments are sent to me first by an instant email and I'll take the first so many who want to test it. Then I'll just update the blog to say CLOSED for testing. That's the only thing I can do.
What do you think? Comments appreciated and always welcome. I don't know how this whole blog thing works and feel computer stupid about it.
ALSO can someone PLEASE tell me why when I look at the posts, they show line spaces and after I post them now, they no longer show line spaces between paragraphs? If this comes out with spaces between paragraphs, no need to let me now why because it worked for once. BUT usually when I post and go back to edit - it takes out the line spacing.


Chars said...

I would love to test both of these for you :) I am working on squares for swaps at the moment and it would be no problem to use your patterns :)

Jessica said...

You know at anytime you can email me a pattern & I'll test it for you. Even hats now. :D But could I test this one for ya please?

Jessica said...

Oh I forgot to add my answer for your question... it's called html & scemantics for your line problem. If you need a paragraph break add this: <br /><br /> Those are line breaks. 2 of them make paragraph breaks. If it doesn't work just let me know & I will ask my php guru friend.

Aurora said...

HI Donna, this is Aurora I would love to test this square if you need more. I like the square.

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