December 13, 2008

Foxs Hearts All Around - Testing Closed

UPDATE: I'm new to blogging. I'm not understanding how "subscribing to a blog" and being a "follower" works. Please email me so that I can word my post the correct way. I'm trying to create a list of those that want to be conswidered for testing of new squares. Until someone answers this post and emails me, I suggest you either email me or post a comment.
Calling all testers. If you are interested in testing this new square, SUBSCRIBE to my blog. I have never used the blog before to look for testers so I hope when you subscribe it gives you a place to put your email address or it at least notifies those that want to test my patterns of a new testing opportunity. Someone will have to email me and let me know how you found out about the testing opportunity.
All testers should be able to complete the testing within 3 or 4 days. Have the ability to email me a picture of their completed masterpiece and help me check for errors in the pattern. So sending me a copy of the changes or errors in an email is probably be the best way to go in an email.
Don't post pattern corrections to the blog. They should come to me by email at I'd like to see pictures using a different color scheme of the pattern.
If someone's picture of the square is exceptionally pretty, I'd like permission to post it on the blog under the top link for pictures of items crocheted using my patterns and if possible use the picture at my ETSY store to show off the pattern.


Aurora said...

Hi, I love this square, and sent you an email. Not sure if you still need testers.

kit67 said...

hi there u know me from the ville... i would like to be a tester of ur squares i love making news ones as i am in a granny square group and we exchange granny sq's... well hope u have a good one follow blogs are easy u just click the button that says follow or subscribe..

Chars said...

I just emailed you about becoming a pattern tester. I think your squares are gorgeous and I hope that you pick me to test for you.

Hugs x

Jessica said...

I missed it! If you still need testers I will test this one as well as your other 2 flower squares.

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